📜 Jelle Pelgrims

IT Salaries in the Netherlands

This post is the result of a small project I started a while back for determining what I should be getting paid in my current role.

Right now it is rather difficult to get accurate wage data for The Netherlands, apart from actually interviewing and getting offers. There are a few sources available publicly, like glassdoor and levels.fyi, but those are all very USA-centric and only actually useful for Amsterdam wages.

To solve this I gathered wage data from a few public sources such as the /r/thenetherlands subreddit, tweakers and 9lives. These forums all have periodical or permanent threads where users share what they are getting paid. I gathered, cleaned and organized the raw data present there to make it searchable using the tool you see below.

This data was very helpful for me in figuring out how the developer market currently looks like in the Netherlands. I have decided to share it, in the hope that other developers living here may find it useful as well.

Note: This data is still being cleaned, so expect some inconsistencies (e.g. with the job titles).

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