1. Personal location tracking
    About a small sideproject for tracking my own location using cellphone GPS data.
  2. Business card demo
    Write-up about a graphical demo that fits on the back of a business card.
  3. Building a roguelike in awk
    A development write-up of a roguelike that I built in awk, the text processing tool/language.
  4. Terrain generation & isometric graphics (ISW Workshop)
    A follow-up to the first workshop about game development, this time about terrain generation and isometric graphics.
  5. 2D Spelontwikkeling in Python (ISW Workshop)
    A workshop for ISW about basic game development in Python.
  6. A script for automatically logging into kotnet
    A write-up about a script I wrote that automatically connects to kotnet. Useful for running a raspberry pi "op kot".
  7. How matching engines work
    A post where I assemble a matching engine piece by piece in Python, while explaining how it all fits together.
  8. A close look at index tracking
    A post on index tracking and how to implement it for yourself.
  9. Exploiting price differences between exchanges
    A post on spatial arbitrage, i.e. exploiting price differences between different exchanges.
  10. Solving the travelling salesman problem using a genetic algorithm
    A last year project from high school. I used a genetic algorithm written in python to find approximate solutions for the travelling salesman problem.